5 Easy Ways to Get Technology and Ancient Technology Points in Palworld


Tamed a squad of awesome Pals and ready to conquer the wild frontier? But wait – you need the right tech to truly thrive in this unique monster-collecting world. While gaining technology points is quite easy, how do you get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

Don’t worry because there are 3 easy ways to get ancient tech points in Palworld. And if you are new and don’t know how to bag down some simple technology points in Palworld, then this guide is for you, too.

Let’s snag some sweet Tech and Ancient Tech points!

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5 Ways to Get Technology Points in Palworld to Unlock Some Awesome Tech Upgrades


Think of Tech Points as the building blocks of your PalWorld empire. They unlock a treasure trove of crafting recipes, allowing you to build essential tools, furniture, and even sweet rides for your loyal Pals. So, how do you get your hands on this precious resource?

There are actually 5 ways; three are easy ones but the two others require some farming.

1. You Get Technology Points Every Time You Level Up

Every time you level up, you’ll get a nice chunk of Tech Points (bonus points for early levels!). But do remember that the higher your level, the less tech points you get. While initially, the tech unlocks require just one point each, as you unlock more tech and progress in the game, the cost increases to two or even three.

2. Unlocking Fast-travel Nodes Reap Technology Points

Exploring the vast world of PalWorld is exciting, but sometimes you just have to get somewhere fast. So uncovering a Fast Travel Node isn’t just a time-saver – it also rewards you with some handy Technology Points!

3. Technical Manuals Also Award You With Technology Points

Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Tech Book, also known as the Innovative Technical Manuals. These come in various tiers, each bursting with Tech Points. There’s even a rumor of a mythical Future Technology Manual out there – talk about a tech bonanza!

4. Looting Dungeons and Chests (Indirectly) Award You With Technology Points

Braving the depths of a PalWorld dungeon isn’t just about epic battles and loot. You might also stumble upon chests brimming with Innovative Tech Manuals and High-Grade Tech Manuals. By using these manuals, you get a burst of Tech Points – just another reason to conquer those challenging dungeons!

5. Alpha Bosses (Anubis, Lylean, and Noct Lylean) Have a High Chance to Drop Technical Manuals

Taking down those fearsome Alpha Pals and conquering Tower Bosses isn’t just about bragging rights. These formidable foes also have a chance of dropping High-grade Tech Manuals and Innovative Manuals, giving your tech arsenal a serious boost!

Just keep an eye out for Anubis Pal, Lylean Pal, and Lylean Noct Pal – these legendary beasts are known for dropping particularly juicy tech rewards.

How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Now, let’s talk about Ancient Tech Points in Palworld. These unlock unique technologies, like the coveted Egg Incubator – a must-have for any aspiring Pal breeder! Unlike Tech Points, you won’t get them by simply leveling up.

However, there are a few ways to snag these valuable points.

1. Defeating (or Capturing) Alpha Pals Reward One Ancient Technology Point Each

Remember those Alpha Pals with their intimidating avatars on the map? Defeating (or capturing) them for the first time is not only a test of your skills, but also nets you precious Ancient Tech Points. But be warned, you only get Ancient Tech Points on your FIRST victory against each boss – farming them repeatedly won’t work!

The Chillet Alpha Boss (around level 11) is a good place to start your ancient tech hunt. These Alpha encounters also drop Ancient Civilization Parts, which are key for crafting special items.

2. Defeating Tower (Syndicate) Bosses Gives You 5 Ancient Tech Points

Conquering those imposing Tower Bosses (also known as Syndicate Bosses) is an epic feat in itself. But the rewards are worth it – you’ll not only get bragging rights, but also Ancient Tech Points (but only on your first successful attempt!).

3. Ancient Technology Zones Are (Rumoured) to Preserve Some Ancient Technology Points, Too!

The ancient zones hold more than just secrets and danger. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden chests – you might just unearth some well-preserved Ancient Tech Points waiting to be claimed! Also the bosses that guard the dungeon entrances award you with one Ancient Technology Point in Palworld.

Here is a helpful video demonstration of getting Technology Points and Ancient Technology Points in Palword by PoxiiPro.

So, there you have it, explorers!

With this knowledge at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to becoming a tech-savvy PalWorld master. Now get out there, explore, conquer, and unlock the full potential of your PalWorld journey! Just don’t forget to stay tuned to Tech Trend Tomorrow.

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