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Ekster-Parliament-Smart-Wallet-With-Matching-Phone-CoverHow About Adding the Latest Ekster Slim Smart Wallet for a Classy Lifestyle Upgrade?

Trying to find a smart wallet that is just as smart as you are? Then consider the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet that blends comfort, style, and convenience so that you never have to worry about losing your wallet again.

If this is you then we have put together this blog just to help you make your decision when finding a wallet that feels like a calling.

Learn all the features, benefits, pros and cons, and price of Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet and check if it is the right fit for both you and your wallet.

Meet Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet: A Humble Wallet that Underwent a Tech Transformation

Everyday items are getting smarter, so it’s no surprise that even the humble wallet has undergone a technological transformation.

The Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a sleek and stylish solution to the age-old problem of misplaced belongings. With its innovative tracking technology and slim design, it’s the perfect accessory for the modern individual.

Ekster Parliament Slim Smart Wallet with Upbeat Design and Smart Technology

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet Comes with Tracking Technology for Your Peace of Mind

At the heart of the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet lies its cutting-edge tracking card.

Embedded with a Chipolo chip featuring Bluetooth and GPS support, this credit card-sized device can be synced to your smartphone via the Chipolo app. Whether your wallet is misplaced or stolen, you can easily pinpoint its location with just a few taps on your phone screen.

Plus, with the ability to emit a sound, finding your wallet in a crowded room becomes a breeze.

Never Worry About Running Out of Battery with Solar-Powered Convenience

What sets the Ekster tracking card apart is its innovative solar-panel charger.

Unlike traditional batteries that require frequent charging, this tracker can harness the power of ambient light to keep itself charged. With just three hours of exposure to light, it can sustain itself for up to two months, ensuring uninterrupted tracking capabilities without the hassle of battery replacements.

Seamless Integrate Your Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet with Voice Assistants

The Chipolo app’s integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa adds another layer of convenience.

Simply use your voice to locate your wallet, eliminating the need to fumble through pockets or bags. Whether you’re at home or on the go, finding your belongings has never been easier.

A Slim and Stylish Design that Comes with Maximum Functionality

Despite its advanced features, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet remains impressively slim, measuring just 0.15 inches thick. Its quick-access design allows for easy retrieval of cards with a simple press of the trigger, while the built-in RFID protector ensures your sensitive data remains secure at all times.

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet is a Worthy Investment for Peace of Mind

While the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet may come with a price tag of $109, its unmatched functionality and stylish design make it a worthy investment for those prone to losing their belongings.

Whether you’re pre-ordering through Kickstarter or Ekster’s website, rest assured that you’re investing in a smart accessory that will stand the test of time.

Pros and Cons of Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet


  • Innovative tracking technology ensures peace of mind
  • Slim design fits comfortably in pockets or bags
  • Solar-powered tracker eliminates the need for battery replacements
  • Quick-access design allows for easy retrieval of cards
  • RFID protection safeguards sensitive data against unauthorized access


  • Higher price point compared to traditional wallets
  • Limited capacity for cards and cash may not suit everyone’s needs
  • Bulky when fully loaded with cards and cash

Who Benefits From the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet?

  1. Frequent Travelers: Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or navigating unfamiliar cities, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet offers peace of mind knowing that your essentials are always within reach.
  2. Tech Enthusiasts: If you’re someone who enjoys staying on the cutting edge of technology, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet is sure to impress with its advanced tracking capabilities and sleek design.
  3. Those Prone to Misplacing Belongings: If you’re constantly misplacing your wallet or keys, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet is a game-changer. With its built-in tracking technology, you’ll never have to endure the frustration of searching for lost items again.

Who Does Not Benefit From the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet?

  1. Minimalists: If you prefer to travel light and carry only the essentials, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet’s additional features may be unnecessary for your lifestyle.
  2. Budget-Conscious Individuals: While the Ekster Parliament Slim Smart Wallet offers unparalleled convenience, its higher price point may not be feasible for those on a tight budget.


How Many Cards Can the Ekster Parliament Slim Smart Wallet Hold?

According to Ekster, the smart wallet can hold up to 9 cards at maximum.

Can Ekster Wallets Hold Cash?

Yes, Ekster Wallets have an cash clip and an inside fold to hold both your cash and coins.

How Long Does the Battery of Ekster Parliament Slim Smart Wallet Last?

The smart wallet’s battery lasts for 2 months straight for just three hours of total exposure to sunlight.

What is the Price of the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet?

The latest (discounted) price of the Ekster Parliament Wallet is $71 with a tracking card of $36 = $107 without including shipment charges.

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet Revolutionizes Everyday Carry with Just the Right Price!

The Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet represents a leap forward in the world of everyday carry accessories. With its advanced tracking technology, sleek design, and unparalleled convenience, it’s sure to revolutionize the way you carry your essentials.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, tech enthusiast, or simply someone prone to misplacing belongings, the Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet is a game-changer you won’t want to miss.

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